Can I use one tap for more than one home?

No. One tap is limited to serving one home.  However, one tap may serve up to three residences, if all homes are under the same owner on the same parcel with the use of an accessory subscription.  Below are the two options for subscribing for service:

1) Primary subscription: Service for a single Dwelling Unit, a single Commercial Unit, or a single Multi Unit Dwelling. A Primary Subscription entitles a Subscriber to one (1) Service Connection to the La Plata West Water Authority water distribution system.

2) Accessory subscription: An accessory subscription is required for each additional dwelling unit, to provide service for up to two (2) additional Dwelling Units on the Parcel served by the Primary Subscription. An Accessory Subscription cannot be sold or transferred separate from the Primary Subscribership. If units served by an accessory subscribership are located on a parcel that is severed from the parcel for which a primary subscribership is held, the accessory subscribership must be upgraded to a Primary subscribership and have its own meter pit installed to service the severed parcel.