Current News

1/18/16 – Board Advisory Committees can use your help

The board is looking for some help from people in the community to define tasks and assist in completing them for the LPWWA water project.  At the current time the board has 8 advisory committees.  If you are interested in helping even in a small way please contact one of the committee chairman.  If you want to help but are not sure which committee you might best help, please contact any board member.  Contact information is here.

Below is a list of those committees with chairpersons and current members..

Click here for Committee Chart

1/5/16 – New website Look

We hope you will enjoy the new website look.  We have improved the frequently asked question (FAQ) so they are much easier to find and read.  Take a look.  The Home page will have the most current news.  At the bottom of the pages is the weather that is Ken Spence’s weather station of CR 113 so you can get the latest weather if you like.  Please call Ken if you have any suggestions or find any problems.  Contact information is here.

12/8/15 – Board Thanks

JT Coyne has left the Board as of 11/15 after serving for five years.  JT spearheaded our PR campaign for signups for Phase 1.  He developed the catch phrase ‘I’m on tap are you,?” for our yard signs. He made numerous brochures, signs, and tended  our information  booths.  He will be sorely missed for his many good ideas and support for a project he believes in. We are sure he will be keeping in contact to see how we are progressing. We wish him & Barbara all the best in their new home.

Bernadette Cuthair will  be an added advisor for the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe.  She is the director for Planning and Development for the Tribe.  She will bring much experience during our planning and execution of our water project.  Welcome to LPWWA Bernadette!

On Going Information


The next regular LPWWA Board meeting will be Feb. 10, 2016 at 6:30 at Fort Lewis Mesa School.  Future meetings will be Mar. 9, 2016 also at 6:30 PM at Fort Lewis Mesa School.

Arrange a Neighborhood meeting

If you’d like more information or would like to arrange for a neighborhood meeting, please contact one of the LPWWA Board members listed under Contacts.