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10/7/16 – Phase 0 Construction Beginning

If you haven’t notice Phase 0 construction has started.  The pictures below shows the 16″ pipe at CR 141 & 125 & work on road to Intake Structure.  Watch for more pictures as construction progresses here and on Phase 0 page.


10/4/16 – Link to Durango TV story on Raw Water Groundbreaking

Click here for a link to the story done by Durango TV on the Raw Water groundbreaking.

September 14, 2016, LPWWA held the Raw Water Groundbreaking Ceremony

On September 14, 2016, LPWWA held the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the commencement of Phase 0 at the Tribute Garden Overlook by Lake Nighthorse. LPWWA, the lead agency, hosted eight entities that have supported the project with their contributions of time and money. The eight entities, including LPWWA,are shown in the shovel line-up below as follows: (left to right) Lake Durango Water Authority – Ward Holmes, La Plata West Water Authority – Mardi Gebhardt, Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribe – Chairman Manuel Heart, Southwest Water Conservation District – Laura Spann, Southern Ute Indian Tribe – Chairman Clement Frost, Animas La Plata Water Conservancy District – Gene Bradley, La Plata Water Conservation District – Brice Lee, Colorado Water Resources & Power Development Authority – Bob Wolff, Colorado Water Conservation Board – Kirk Russell.  Other Groundbreaking photos can be found here.

LPWWA celebrated with 52 people related to the project. Speeches from all major entities were given with emphasis on the huge amount of joint cooperation between the groups to make this happen. Check out our website,, for more details of the event and some great pictures! Construction of Phase 0 is expected to be completed by August 2017.

Please note that the Durango Herald article, dated September 15, 2016, failed to report the significance and purpose of the groundbreaking ceremony. It was a significant milestone for our side of the county

in that the purpose of this project is to secure the treated water for the rest of the distribution system out to the far western side of La Plata County for our future phases.


Now that this project is on its way, can you still get into Phase 1?  YES, you can!  Tap fees cost $10,000 right now.  The more households that sign up, the less it will cost for everyone for the monthly charges.  For more information on how to sign up and to see if you are eligible please call (970) 403-5790.  Water User Agreement  can be found here .  Please pass on this information to anyone you know that doesn’t have internet.

9/14/16 – Phase 1 Update

Phase 1 is moving right along too! We have submitted our application with USDA for a loan to complete this phase of the project. We expect to hear back from USDA in late September, and we expect to get a letter of conditions that will list items we must accomplish before the loan to build the system is finalized. This is normal in the process to have things to complete in order to move forward. Most of the time they are very minor items that are normally required in construction projects. We, at this point, do not expect any major issues. If all goes as planned, we will be going out to bid for a construction contractor for Phase 1 in the Spring of 2017. We do know, at this time, that the USDA engineers have approved the Phase 1 design portion of the application.

7/11/16 – HURRAY! HURRAY!

LPWWA Board awarded a contract to Canyon Construction & Richard Phillips Marina, Co for Phase 0 Raw Water Project last night 8/10/16.  Stay tuned for more details and groundbreaking.

7/18/16 – Phase 0 and Phase 1 update

We are still working with the Phase 0 low bidder to get the cost within our budget.  Should have some kind of answer by Aug. 16 or sooner.  Keep watching here and we will get you the information as soon as we have more detail.  We expect a response from USDA for the Phase 1 loan some time in late August or early Sept.

6/18/16 – Phase 0 Bids

Bids for Phase 0 construction were opened on 6/16/16 with multiple responses, resulting in a competitive bid for all project components. After further review and analysis of bid responses during the next week, final review and negotiation with the low bidder is anticipated to occur. We anticipate action by the Board at its 7/13/16 meeting to consider approval of the recommendation for award of the raw water project construction.

On Going Information


The next regular LPWWA Board meeting will be Oct. 12, 2016 at 6:30 at Fort Lewis Mesa School.  Future meetings will be Nov. 9, 2016 also at 6:30 PM at Fort Lewis Mesa School.  Regular meetings are scheduled for the second Wed. of each  month.