LPWWA Current News

CR 141 Traffic Delay Update #2

Keeping you informed of when the traffic delays will occur is becoming a moving target. Construction does that. It is looking more like the week of the 23rd or later. They need to get the two ends that will meet up with the CR 141 section done first. We have asked the contractor to put … Read more

CR 141 traffic delay update

Update on 16″ pipe being installed along CR 141. It didn’t happen as we first thought but now is expected to happen either the week of the 16th or week of the 23rd. Expect one lane traffic for a week or so. Other things became a bigger priority.

Phase 1 Update

The board is still working to get all parts of the USDA Letter of Conditions completed.  Easements are still an issue. If you have a pipe going across your property please be sure and get us your easement. Using your easement instead of a County Right of Way will save about $1 per foot in … Read more

Phase 0 Update

As of this time Phase 0 is making good progress. All of the 30” pipe from Lake Nighthorse to CR 210 is complete. 16” pipe is done from CR 210 to CR 141 except for a small section at the 210 & 141 intersection. Starting on Oct. 2 the 16” pipe will be put along … Read more

Easements need to be completed very soon

We will be following up on easements again as it is one of the conditions that must be met for the USDA Letter of Conditions. If we’ve contacted you previously regarding easements and you have questions, please get in touch with us so we can answer your questions or help get you in touch with … Read more

Phase 1 water is on the move

Phase 1 is moving ahead based on 149 sign ups. Over the next two months, we will be finishing up Final Design and completing other items required in the USDA Letter of Conditions. We expect these will be done by the end of September, so we should be able to bid the project shortly after … Read more