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7/11/16 – HURRAY! HURRAY!

LPWWA Board awarded a contract to Canyon Construction & Richard Phillips Marina, Co for Phase 0 Raw Water Project last night 8/10/16.  Stay tuned for more details and groundbreaking.

7/18/16 – Phase 0 and Phase 1 update

We are still working with the Phase 0 low bidder to get the cost within our budget.  Should have some kind of answer by Aug. 16 or sooner.  Keep watching here and we will get you the information as soon as we have more detail.  We expect a response from USDA for the Phase 1 loan some time in late August or early Sept.

6/18/16 – Phase 0 Bids

Bids for Phase 0 construction were opened on 6/16/16 with multiple responses, resulting in a competitive bid for all project components. After further review and analysis of bid responses during the next week, final review and negotiation with the low bidder is anticipated to occur. We anticipate action by the Board at its 7/13/16 meeting to consider approval of the recommendation for award of the raw water project construction.

6/17/16 – USDA Funding Application Sent in

We are happy to announce that the application to USDA for funding, of Phase 1 construction has been submitted. This is in the form of a loan which will be paid off by the monthly payments of subscribers.  We expect a response by late July or early Aug.  All indication right now are for a very positive response.  Please see the Timeline table on the website under Phase 1 for anticipated dates of construction.

6/6/16 Phase 1 Map updated

The Phase 1 Map has been updated and shows Customers and Pipes.  See here.

3/20/16 – Board Advisory Committees can use your help

The board is looking for some help from people in the community to define tasks and assist in completing them for the LPWWA water project.  At the current time the board has 8 advisory committees.  If you are interested in helping even in a small way please contact one of the committee chairman.  If you want to help but are not sure which committee you might best help, please contact any board member.  Contact information is here.

Below is a list of those committees with chairpersons and current members..

Click here for Committee Chart

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The next regular LPWWA Board meeting will be Sept. 14, 2016 at 6:30 at Fort Lewis Mesa School.  Future meetings will be Oct. 12, 2016 also at 6:30 PM at Fort Lewis Mesa School.  Regular meetings are scheduled for the second Wed. of each  month.