Can I continue to use my well for non-domestic purposes and connect to the system?

For the first part of the question the answer is YES. You can use your well for non-domestic purposes as long as it is not connected in anyway to the LPWWA domestic system. See next part if you want them both connected together. 

For the second part of the question the answer is yes BUT you must maintain a backflow prevention system. Another words if you choose to maintain a connection to your current water source in addition to your LPWWA meter together in the same system, you must provide an acceptable method of backflow prevention at the point where the two systems connect to your point of service. LPWWA will need to arrange for an annual inspection of this equipment. Because this is accommodating your desire to maintain a connection to both systems, you will be billed annually for backflow inspections at the current rate for that service in the area. See specifications and requirements for backflow prevention here. If you do not have access to Internet, please contact us for hardcopies of any of the materials or refer to those provided when you subscribed.

For more information on the importance of backflow prevention and how it helps to protect our water system visit here.