LPWWA Current News


Construction is on hold due to weather right now, but construction meetings continue to be held during this time.  Approximately 1/3rd of the the meters in Phase 1 have been set, and the pipeline is all in place.

The 2020 LPWWA annual budget was approved and will be submitted online with DOLA by the end of January.

City of Durango has installed a camera at the LPWWA Intake Structure building to allow views of the lake. This is now available for the public to view on YOUTUBE.COM by searching the City of Durango.

With a lot of year end and new year business there will be a special board meeting held on January 22nd to complete our January business.


Dear Community Members, we would like to welcome two new Board members to our LPWWA family, they are Doug Mize and Aaron Preator. Doug replaces our Animas-La Plata Water Conservancy vacancy for Roy Horvath’s three year term, and Aaron replaces Ken Spences’s remaining two year term. They took office on December 1st.

With both the president and vice president leaving, newly elected officers were made and at our December 11th meeting, the results are as follows:
Mardi Gebhardt – President
Paul Gray – 1st Vice President
Frank Smith – 2nd Vice President
Deb Flick – Treasurer
Barb McCall- Secretary

As a quick up date on our Phase One construction project:
While currently the project is suspended due to frozen ground and snow, here is our progress: All main lines are installed, with the exception of some bores and tie-ins. Meter pits are being installed in a variety of locations, working from NE towards Marvel and southern portion near Marvel north and meter pit installation considered approximately 30% complete. Our tank is completed but needs to be flushed, disinfected and filled.

There will be at least one open State Highway cut to be made south of CR 141, (Wildcat Canyon). We will be posting the date(s) as soon as we know them with a two week notice posted here on the website, Facebook and with State Highway – Lighted VMS Boards on the roadways.

Our rate study is still in the works. This study is being done with expert care and due diligence!

With your water system our priority, have a happy and prosperous new year,

New Subscriptions Temporarily Suspended

The LPWWA Board has temporarily suspended all new subscriptions until further notice.

With the completion of Phase 1 fast approaching, the Board decided during its 9/11/19 regular meeting to temporarily suspend all new subscriptions until further notice.  Please contact us if you are interested in a subscription as we are actively taking the contact information of potential new customers in an effort to coordinate future infill and extensions of the system.  While we are very excited to begin planning for future extension areas, we are just not able to accommodate new subscriptions at this time being in the latter stages of construction.

Please contact LPWWA at lpwwaboard@gmail.com or call ‭(970) 403-5790‬ with any questions regarding the temporary suspension of subscriptions or to have your contact information recorded for future infill and extensions.

Board Vacancies

LPWWA Board Vacancies

The LPWWA Board of Directors are appointed by Animas La Plata Water Conservancy District (ALPWCD) and La Plata West Water Conservancy District (LPWCD).  Each District appoints three seats on the Board on staggered terms.  Directors appointed by the LPWCD shall reside within the boundaries the LPWCD.  Directors appointed by ALPWCD do not have residency requirements.  The Directors so appointed appoint a seventh Director. Directors serve terms of three years, with a Director serving at the pleasure of the governing body appointing such Director. 

Three seats on the La Plata West Water Authority Board are coming up for consideration. One will be an appointee by the LPWCD for a three year term, ending in November of 2022 (who must reside within the LPWCD boundaries). The ALPWCD will be making an appointment for a three year term ending in November of 2022 and an appointment to complete a two year term that will end in November of 2021.

ALPWCD Seat opening Information
One current Board member is resigning from the Board, effective as of the end of November 2019. Applicants for this position will be completing the two remaining years of the current term for that appointment. 

One ALPWCD appointee whose term expires this year will be re-applying to stay on the Board, but applications by other potential appointees are still welcome.

Prospective ALPWCD appointees should send a cover letter and a short bio outlining their interest and experience in water and development of the rural domestic water system to the following:

Send via email to alpwcd@gmail.com.

or via regular mail to:
Animas La Plata Water Conservancy District, 841 E 2nd Avenue, Durango, CO 81301

Please also copy LPWWA via email to lpwwa.board@gmail.com or via regular mail to: La Plata West Water Authority, PO Box 631, Durango, CO 81302   

LPWCD Seat Opening Information

The LPWCD appointee whose term expires this year is currently undecided about requesting re-appointment at this time, so we are looking for a replacement for this seat.

Prospective LPWCD appointees (who must reside within the boundaries of the LPWCD) should send a cover letter and a short bio outlining their interest and experience in water and development of the rural domestic water system. These should be sent as follows:

Send via email to lpwcd99@gmail.com .

or via regular mail to: La Plata Water Conservancy District, PO Box 71, Marvel, CO 81329

Please also copy LPWWA via email to lpwwa.board@gmail.com or via regular mail to: La Plata West Water Authority, PO Box 631, Durango, CO 81302   

Additional information

Applications for the three LPWWA Board of director’s seats must be received by Wednesday, October 30, 2019. 
Current Board members with term ending dates and appointing districts can be found at www.lpwwa.org under the Contacts tab. 

For those interested in these positions and what is involved in serving on the Board, please contact Roy Horvath, current Board President via phone at 970-749-1181 or email at horvath.r.lpwwa@gmail.com for more information on what is involved and expected in serving on the LPWWA Board.