• Subscribers seeking a contractor will find the names on the lpwwa.org web site, no list of subscribers will be given out to contractors it is up to the subscriber to enlist help.
• Ken Spence announced he would be leaving the board at the end of the year, but wished to stay on to help with website & future phases committee as an advisor.
• The construction phase for the tank sight will be starting up and conversation with the Phase 1 engineers on the progress of the overall project was reported and discussed.
• The Board Manual updates were approved which includes meeting notices and voting via phone or digitally.
• Manager interviews with a possible selection are in process at this time.
• Working to engage ASAP to help set up office/bookkeeping system/reporting/billings.
• We are in the process of setting up an office building site to be available for use later this year. This building will house our manager and bookkeeper/office personnel, board meetings and for our customers.

2/13/19 Board Meeting Highlights

·         We are in the process of getting our books and office in order for taking on water customers and billings.

·         We are writing RFP’s for the positions of Manager and/or Bookkeeper.

·         A RFP for a procurement audit of Phase 0 is in the process of being prepared.

·         Phase 1 construction will start back up when the snow lets up.

·         Phase 0 is in the final close out stages for completion of the project.