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Download RFP here.

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT:   General Manager – La Plata West Water Authority

The La Plata West Water Authority is requesting proposals from qualified individuals or firms to oversee and manage operations of the first phase of our distribution system, which is currently under construction and anticipated to start provide service in late 2019. Managerial resources are now required for all aspects of planning, design, construction and subsequent operation of the water system either directly or through employees, contractors, and consultants as the system grows and expands. In the long term, it is potentially feasible that managerial duties and capacities sought herein may transition to an Authority employee position. It is anticipated that managerial services will be provided through a contract arrangement with the service provider for at least the initial year of engagement. 

Proposer should reside or be located within or in proximity to the LPWWA service area, which includes most of southwestern La Plata County. The Authority Office will be located in Hesperus (Kline), Colorado. Limited travel will be required to conduct business and represent the Authority. Position can be tailored to a reasonable extent based on individual applicant’s experience and qualifications, with the ability to delegate some tasks/work to other individuals or contract positions. 

Qualified candidates must have the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university in business administration, public administration, engineering, construction management, accounting, or other closely related field; plus 5 years management experience in construction and/or operation of water systems. Must be able to provide vision and management direction for all construction and operating programs. Understanding of the development of the water system within the context of local, state, and federal water issues. Previous construction inspection experience is desirable.

Download the request for proposal with full details from www.lpwwa.org. Submit the completed RFP packet in PDF format via email to LPWWAboard@gmail.com by 4:30 PM, March 26, 2019.