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Information For Subscribers

The following links will take you to different pages of information.

Cross Connections Information

Hookup Information

List of Contractors

Phase 1 Progress Maps

Click on a map to see progress map larger.  Dates locate points along the pipe route showing where the pipe was completed on that date.

Phase 1 started construction in Nov. 2019

Construction has started beginning at Blue Hill and progress to the West and then South.   As progress is made we will maintain a map on this pages showing the progress.  

Funding for Phase 1

USDA Loan                         $2,754,000 USDA Grant 1                     $510,000 USDA Grant 2                     $700,000 LPWWA Contribution       $1,162,000 Total Project Cost               $5,126,000

Don’t have enough money for subscription fee but want to sign up? We can help.

If you can come up with $3,000 or more of the current $10,000 subscription fee before the July 10, 2017 deadline, we will work with you so you can make monthly payments to pay off the balance over no more than 56 months. In addition to the payments toward your subscription fee, you’ll also need to pay the monthly costs applicable to your subscription when service is available for your property.  The easiest and simplest way to reduce costs for EVERYONE on the system is to get additional subscribers at this point in time. By getting more subscribers, the fixed amount of the USDA loan payment will be shared by more people than those currently signed up, which will lower costs for EVERYONE. Call (970) 403-5790 for more details.  

Estimated Monthly Base Rate

The board now thinks the estimated Monthly Base Rate will be $119 ($15 reduction) and the estimated Water Rate to be $7.50 ( $1 increase).  A household using 3,000 Gal/month would then cost about $142.

Water Dock

The board is reviewing the Water Dock with other agency do help determine the best way to proceed with a water Dock.

Phase 1 Map

The purple boundary is not an exact location of Phase 1 so if you are close to this boundary line it is best if you contact LPWWA at  (970) 403-5790 to make sure you are in Phase 1.   There are no properties West the La Plata River that are in Phase 1.