LPWWA Board President Change

At the January 10, 2018, monthly board meeting, the La Plata West Water Authority board members took nominations for filling the position of President currently held by Roy Horvath. The position expired when Ken Spence was nominated. Ken Spence, a member of the board since November of 2015, was nominated, voted in unanimously, and accepted the position. Other board of director positions remained intact with the current directors in place; Paul Gray as Vice President, Mardi Gebhardt as Treasurer, and Barb McCall as Secretary.

Roy Horvath served as the President of the LPWWA Board since June of 2010 subsequent to the passing of Mark Langford, who served as president of the La Plata West Water Authority of 2007, succeeding the La Plata Water Company.  Mr. Horvath will continue to serve the LPWWA Board as an active board member in developing infrastructure to further the utilization of municipal and industrial water from Lake Nighthorse to to serve the western portion of La Plata County. For more information on this project, please visit the website, LPWWA.org, find us on Facebook, or call us at 970-403-5790.