LPWWA Current News

September News Briefs

  • Water is flowing and we began hooking up homes on September 9th.
  • The first invoicing for this system will go out in October.
  • There is updated hookup information and amended Rules & Regulations on the web to review.
  • Remember to contact Logan Hartle, LPWWA Operator to set up your time to have the water turned on. Logan can be reached at 970-946-5274.  Please make sure your service line is connected to the line exiting the LPWWA meter pit, but not covered for inspection and your home is ready to hook to the new system once Logan has inspected your home for cross connections.  This process should take less than an hour if not quicker.
  • The board is working on getting our office site in place and have applied for a permit with the County at the location of:  555 CR 122 there is a planning meeting on October 8th and we will be on their agenda you can attend in person on via zoom at: https://zoom.us/j/91566693508
  • We know that others are ready for water to get to their part of our future Phases and we have hired an engineering company to head up the next phase of this wonderful project.


Dear Valued Subscriber,At long last, our service began September 9th! Click here to see the letter to schedule your hookup. 

Your patience was most appreciated!  Thank you so much!

Please read the letter carefully. This is your formal notice for all your subscriptions. 

No US Postal Service letter was sent. The exception was only for those who do not have email. Please keep LPWWA informed of any change in your contact information. If you wish not to receive your bills or other communications via email, you must inform LPWWA in writing.  Email is the most efficient way to communicate and saves money and time. 

Cheers to water!  We look forward to serving you.

Most sincerely,Mardi Gebhardt, Board of Directors and Logan Hartle, Operator/Manager