LPWWA Current News

Construction Resumes and Eagles in Construction Zone

Winter weather has slowed the work on the Raw Water Construction Project but clear skies and warmer weather are drying up the mud and work resumed on the 210 pipeline at the end of Feb.  Work will soon begin on the 125 pipeline which means the public will see even more activity that visible now.  The Raw Water Construction Project is on schedule and should be completed in the fall of 2017.

Pictures below show work on 8″ pipe near Lake Durango.  ONLY this part of the project has been stopped due to 1 Male and 2 Female Bald Eagles occupying a nest that had been abandoned for the last couple years.  Construction can’t occur within  1/2 mile radius of the nest.  We may not get back to work in this area until after the nest is vacated by the eaglets if in fact there are eaglets.  The following is a quote from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding the disturbance of bald eagles.

“Disturb” means: “to agitate or bother a bald or golden eagle to a degree that causes, or is likely to cause, based on the best scientific information available, 1) injury to an eagle, 2) a decrease in its productivity, by substantially interfering with normal breeding, feeding, or sheltering behavior, or 3) nest abandonment, by substantially interfering with normal breeding, feeding, or sheltering behavior.”

Eagles shown are not the actual eagles but were taken at Pastorous Lake by Dan Bender just a few days ago.


Board meeting location will change

Due to changes at the school, we can no longer have our meetings at the school.  We are therefore looking at other locations.  The Feb. meeting will be held at the Marvel United Methodist Church at 103 CR 133.  We will meet in March at the Office of the Old Fort Lewis and in April meet at the Fort Lewis Mesa Fire station by Hesperus.  We will hope to determine a permanent location by Aprils meeting.

Expect some letters in the next few days.

Current Phase 1 Subscribers – In a few days you will receive updated information and easement documents to sign.  This part of the project is very important and we encourage you to ask all questions you may have.   The sooner we get the documents back the sooner the project can move forward.

Phase 1 Property owners along the pipeline route who have not subscribed for service – You will receive a letter giving you the opportunity to still sign up at the current $10,000 level for the next 30-45 days.  Please be aware that your cost is likely to be substantially higher if you want to sign up at a later date, since there will be limited capacity for additional service in the designed system and you may incur line extension costs in addition to the subscription fee.

Phase 1 Property owners NOT in close proximity to the current pipeline – You will receive a letter giving you a possible method for you, or you and a group of your neighbors to sign up at a lower cost for everyone.  As stated above it will likely cost you substantially more to sign up at a later date.

The offers to sign up is limited to just a few months so don’t wait to act on this.  Contact any board member or call (970) 403-5790.  Water User Agreement is here.  Click on Map to Enlarge.