Facts to Consider regarding Phase 1

This chart will show how additional subscribers will bring down cost.
Click on chart to enlarge.

Having water delivered to you via delivery service is more expensive than the water system would be.

Hauling water could be close to the same cost as the Monthly payments.  Ken Spence (Board Member) would spend about the same as Monthly payments if he had to haul from Durango which was the case last year, provided the City of Durango rates stay the same.

The value of your house would probably increase by at least the amount of the subscription fee.

30″ Pipe Being Installed

The following pictures show 30″ pipe form Lake Nighthorse to CR 210 being installed.  If you have driven CR 210 lately you will notice that things are starting to happen on the north side of the road.  Good progress is being made.

Phase 1 USDA Funding update

La Plata West Water Authority (LPWWA) is pleased to announce the commitment of a long term loan and grant funding from USDA Rural Development for the Phase 1 portion of the water project.  The letter of conditions defining the terms of the funding includes a list of requirements to be completed within 6 months, and prior to bidding of the project.  This phase will bring water to subscribers who have already submitted subscription fees, with the ability for additional signups to occur, which will help lower monthly costs for everyone on the system. For updates keep visiting our website at lpwwa.org, facebook or contact us at 970-403-5790

Eagles NOT keeping rest of project from progressing

Just want to make sure everyone is clear that the Bald Eagles are NOT causing  any delay in the project as a whole.  Work is being done on the section from Lake Nighthorse to CR 210 and will continue.  The Eagles only affect a short section near Lake Durango and it can be dealt with having no real effect on Phase 0.